A Small Business Owner’s Role in Digital Marketing: Third Edition


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Danny Star is both a small business owner and a digital marketing expert. In this book tailored towards Small Business Owners who are looking for an edge in the online world, he shares with you several of decades worth of insights of what’s worked for him and his clients, along with a few things to steer clear from.

This is the third updated edition of his previous book, Vision 20/20.

Edition: 3
Type: Paperback
Pages: 140
Categories: Digital Marketing, SEO, Advertising, Social Media, Education

Danny Star is a Digital Marketing and SEO expert based in Los Angeles, California. He heads his own agency, Websites Depot, who has worked with hundreds of businesses in marketing their business online. In recent years, Mr. Star has taken to the speaker circuit and has become highly sought-after by business owners and digital practitioners alike. He has spoken publicly at several digital marketing summits, chambers of commerce, and business expos. Mr. Star has decades worth of experience since helping run his father's newspaper in Europe, through his time working as a marketing consultant for a large financial corporation. Since becoming a one-man consultancy, he has been highly in-demand, thus growing his team into a full-service digital marketing agency.